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Bent Impulses

Bent Impulses is my newest work in progress exploring what it means to be “connected.” This piece takes a deeper look at relationships and addictions between self, others, technology, and drugs through a series of duets and solos. The audience is drawn into a world of manipulation and conflict, as each moment of connection offers a glimpse into the individual’s struggle to embrace, give in, resist, or fight back. Through complex partnering, dynamic athleticism and risk-taking, dancers showcase both dependency and codependency, playing between tension, conflict, desperation, isolation, and tenderness deepening our understanding of the human experience.

Remnants of a Letter

Remnants of a Letter explores movement based on the stages of drug addiction and the battle within oneself. The duet explores complex partnering and pushes the physical limits of each dancer forming complicated relationships, deepening our understanding of the human experience. This duet became part of my larger work Bent Impulses.

Pulling to Pieces

Pulling to Pieces is a trio that explores and creates relationships through athletic partnering and architectural designs in space. The movement focuses on various aspects of relationships as dancers manipulate one another and various duets are formed and broken.

Chasing Fragments

Chasing Fragments is a trio created on students at SUNY Brockport.

Travel by Foot

Travel by Foot is a trio, inspired by the strength of loved ones who have battled cancer, exploring the strength of women, balancing power with care, codependency with independence as each relationship intricately develops. The dancers move relying on weight sharing, using their bodies as architectural designs in space, with the shift of who is in control constantly changing as one dancer briefly touches the ground only to be supported again moments later.