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Photo credit: Mikel Pfeiffer

ZEHNDER DANCE, established in 2010, is a New York and Massachusetts-based contemporary dance company known for its complex partnering, commanding physicality, boldness and architectural precision. Zehnder’s choreographic research, rooted in feminism, aims to cultivate community, inclusivity, and equity by focusing on different relationships through partnering. Zehnder Dance's choreographic themes often address and challenge power dynamics, socio-political systems and structures, and gender stereotypes, with a focus on the amplification of women's stories.

The company’s working method stems from the need to connect, while simultaneously recognizing individuality and difference in a way that makes us stronger together. Whether through architectural placement of bodies in and through space or complex partnering within duets and trios, there is the constant desire to form relationships that evoke emotion and attention to women's experiences while also embracing the uniqueness of the individual. 

Since founding her New York City based company Zehnder Dance in 2010, Zehnder has been produced by numerous prestigious festivals including Jacob’s Pillow Inside/Out, The American Dance Guild Festival, The Women in Dance Festival in both Chicago and New York City, DUMBO Dance Festival in Brooklyn, and the Midwest Regional Alternative Dance Festival in Kalamazoo. Her work has been presented at Gowanus Arts, Triskelion Arts Center, Dixon Place, Ailey Citigroup Theatre, Mark Morris Dance Center, Manhattan Movement and Arts Center, 92nd Y, Greenspace, and the Center for Performance Research (CPR).

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